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Liability Waiver

This Agreement, termed as the Liability Waiver and Release Agreement, is entered into between P3 Pilates (referred to as the "Studio"), situated at 1070 Gravenstein Highway South ~ Suite 110, Sebastopol, CA, and the undersigned "Participant" for availing services at this address.

By agreeing to this contract, the Participant, herein referred to as the undersigned, expresses the desire to engage in Pilates classes and other services offered by the Studio. The Studio mandates all Participants to accept this Agreement as a prerequisite for participation in said classes, services, and activities.

In consideration of the covenants detailed herein, both the Studio and the Participant consent to the following terms:


1. Acknowledgment of Risks:
The Participant acknowledges the inherent risks involved in fitness activities, specifically in Pilates, encompassing risks of injury, property damage, emotional distress, and other potential risks. The Participant voluntarily assumes these risks and indemnifies the Studio from any claims arising due to such risks.


2. Release and Waiver:
The Participant releases the Studio and all associated entities including directors, employees, partners, agents, trainers, and representatives from any liabilities, damages, claims, losses, or expenses arising from their participation in any Studio activities, inclusive of claims of negligence or misconduct. This release extends to the Participant's family, heirs, executors, and any other legal representatives.


3. Health Affirmation:
Prior to engaging in any Studio activities, the Participant affirms their fitness to partake in these activities safely. The Participant also agrees to disclose any pertinent medical conditions or health limitations and promptly notify the Studio of any discomfort, pain, or injuries experienced during activities.


4. Indemnification:
The Participant agrees to indemnify the Released Parties from any claims arising due to their participation in Studio activities, including claims of negligence or misconduct.


5. Severability:
If any clause of this Agreement is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions remain in full effect.


6. Entire Agreement:
This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between both parties and supersedes any prior agreements, whether written or oral, pertaining to the subject matter.


7. Jurisdiction:
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California.


8. Waivers:
No waiver of any clause in this Agreement will be valid unless documented and signed by both parties.

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