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Hi, I'm Kelsey

I'm a fully certified comprehensive Pilates instructor and work with clients privately and in group sessions.


I have three wonderful, active children. In my early years, I was a highly-trained gymnast and went on to coach gymnastics for many years. Today, I have a strong meditation practice and follow a transformational spiritual path. I love to travel, swim, dance, and hike. I resonate with the giant nature of the redwoods and the vastness of the ocean.

I believe entirely in the healing power of movement and the approach and philosophies that the Pilates Method provides. Each session integrates strength and precision with fluidity and eases through breath, awareness, and control. Through a whole-body approach and connecting mind, body, and spirit, I infuse creativity and fun into surfing thresholds, allowing you to expand limits and explore your full potential. From rehabilitation to an increase in overall health, I work with clients of all levels and structure a balanced flow to challenge the body and mind in a positive and safe environment. I facilitate transformation through fearless movement leaving you feeling empowered and centered with an increased sense of well-being. 

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