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In Home Sessions


Enjoy private sessions or invite a friend or family member for a duet session in the comfort of your own home. Utilizing the Pilates mat repertoire and small props you will receive customized programs to meet you right where you are currently and tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Private Apparatus Sessions


Utilizing the versatile functionality of various Pilates apparatus from the reformer and tower to small props, private sessions focus on exactly what you are looking for with your body. From rehabilitation to increased mobility and strength, private sessions give you the attention and time needed to see all of the default mechanisms and where the body is right now. Seeing as the modality for transformation, you'll receive individualized programs to address each specific area of desired growth and assisting you in meeting and exceeding your goals. 

Mat Classes


This is an all levels mat class that focuses on strength, mobility, flexibility and control while presencing the mind-body connection. With a whole body focus this class balances all muscle groups, aligns the entire body's overall structure and develops functional and sustainable movement patterns throughout the whole body which translates directly from the studio into life allowing you to move through your day with more freedom, power and fluidity. 

Schedule a Session

tel: 650-691-5101

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